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ALL-INCLUSIVE Cell Phone Rental service: NO roaming fees, NO activation fees, NO long forms to complete, NO limitation or charge for calls to Costa Rica phone numbers, NO limitation on incoming (international) calls, NO hidden fees.   Just plain simple.   As you like it   Book a Room + Phone 24/7
    I have already a foreign cell phone which will work in Costa Rica.     Why would I need a Costa Rica cell phone?   Read Point 10 below
    Cell phone rentals in Costa Rica: FREE (Maximum 3 weeks) or $3 a day
    When do I pay $0 a day and when $3 a day?
  1. If you stay your FIRST and LAST night in Costa Rica in
    Margarita's Airport Hotel San Jose you pay $0 a day
  2. If you stay your LAST night in Costa Rica in
    Margarita's Airport Hotel San Jose you pay $3 a day

    Your cell phone rental fee includes:
  3. Cell phone device with 8-digit Costa Rica telephone number.   Caller ID activated.   Our phones are simple and no training is needed: No apps, No camera, No internet.   Just voice calls ans text messages!
  4. Unlimited outgoing calls and text messages to any Costa Rican telephone number.
  5. Unlimited incoming (international) calls to your cell phone.
  6. Local taxes and fees

    Outgoing international calls + Calling rates:
  7. Your rental phone is activated for outgoing international calls
  8. International calls will be charged at the same rates as charged by the Costa Rica phone company to local users of a Costa Rica cell phone or landline.   No surcharges, no hidden extras!
  9. Calling USA or Canada is $0.25 - $0.35 a minute, calling Europe is $0.30 - $0.60 a minute (Low - Peak hours), calling numbers in Costa Rica is free

    I have a foreign cell phone which works in Costa Rica   Why do I need a Costa Rica cell phone?
  10. One simple answer: Roaming charges and calling charges.
    Your cell phone company will charge you $2 to $3 per minute for local calls within Costa Rica (free in our plan)
    For international calls made from or received in Costa Rica your cell phone carrier will charge $2 to $3 per minute ($0.25 to $0.60 in our plan).     See here the calling rates in Costa Rica of AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon
  11. Also, many Costa Rica hotels charge up to $5 a minute to make internationals phone calls from your room!
    Ordering your cell phone rental:
  1. Use our online room reservation system to book a room real-time 24/7
    Select your Phone Rental as an Additional Service
    GPS Rental for $5 a day can be added too
  2. Within 72 hours before your first arrival in our hotel, you can contact us to receive your Costa Rica cell phone number.

  3. When you receive your phone you are required to pay a cash guarantee of US$ 100.     This $100 guarantee is refunded in cash unless the phone is lost, stolen or not returned in working condition
  4. This guarantee also covers the international calls (Point 7) you make with your rental phone

    Quick User Guide for your cell phone:
  5. Call 1150 and Press 2 to check your calling credit balance
  6. If you make many international calls you may run out of credit.   In this case visit any bank, pharmacy or supermarket in Costa Rica and show your phone number.   They can instantly add $5, $10 or $20 calling credit to your phone.
  7. To make international calls: Dial 00 + Country Code + Area Code + Number.   Example: 1234567 in Miami: Dial 00-1-305-1234567
  8. People can call your cell phone (Example: 8765-4321) from abroad by dialing: 011-506-8765-4321 from the USA or 00-506-8765-4321 from the rest of the World   Costa Rica country code = 506
  9. International calls over the Internet to your Costa Rica cell phone (by Skype, Vonage, voip, etc.) only cost $0.05 - $0.10 a minute
  10. Costa Rica phone numbers have 8 digits starting with 8 (cell phone) or 2 (landline).   Area codes don't exist in Costa Rica
  11. Emergency number in Costa Rica: 911   Involved in a traffic accident? Call 800-800-8000 for the National Insurance Company (INS)
    More Help numbers?   Visit and click on Help behind SEARCH ALL

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